Sébastien MORETTI
Curriculum Vitae

Personal address: 14 rue de l'eau vive, FR-25300 Doubs Personal phone: +33 (0)6 1862 6300
Date of birth: 07 June 1977 Office phone: +41 (21) 692 4221/4056
Nationality: French E-mail:
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Bioinformatician Engineer - Computer Scientist
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Vital-IT group
Department of Ecology & Evolution, Lausanne University


2006-now Contract engineer, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Vital-IT group and Department of Ecology & Evolution (DEE), University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Projects: Genome-wide metabolic network reconstruction (MetaNetX).
Java applet development and enhancement of the MyHits web site.
Web services implementation via Soaplab and Taverna.
Advisor: Dr. M. Pagni (Vital-IT)
Projects: Bgee (gene expression evolution db) database, tool and web site development.
Selectome (positive selection db) database, tools and web site development.
Advisor: Pr. M. Robinson-Rechavi (SIB/Evol Bioinfo Group & DEE, University of Lausanne)
2003-2006 Contract engineer, Sanofi-Aventis in the Genomic and Structural Information lab. (CNRS), University of Luminy, Marseilles, France
Projects: Structural and genomic research about kinase proteins.
Multiple Sequence Alignments tools development.
Advisors: Dr. C. Notredame (CNRS), Dr. V. Saudek (Aventis), Pr. J.-M. Claverie (CNRS)
2001-2003 Contract engineer, Génoplante-Biogemma, Biotechnology and Plant Innovation lab. (ENSAT), Toulouse, France
Projects: Set up of an automated annotation system for Sunflower EST program, and EST annotation.
Advisor: Pr. L. Gentzbittel (ENSAT)
2000-2001 Master Science in Functional Genomics Engineering, Universities Paris VII & Evry, France
Projects: SNP physical maps construction for target genes, phylogeny, two-hybrid analyses.
Advisor: Pr. B. Giros (INSERM, Psychiatry and Neurobiology unit, Créteil, France)
1999-2000 Master Y2 in Population Biology, Genetics and Eco-ethology, University of Tours, France
Thesis: Pheromonal polymorphism for the European Corn Borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn.).
Advisor: Dr. B. Frérot (INRA, Phytopharmacy and Semiochemicals unit, Versailles, France)
1998-1999 Master Y1 in Population Biology and Ecosystems, University of Lyons I, France
Thesis: Round of duplication in Vertebrate gene families.
Parasitoid pheromonal interference in egg laying site.
Advisors: Dr. M. Gouy & Pr. M. Boulétreau (CNRS, Biometry and Evolution Biology lab., Lyons, France)




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Dr. Vladimir Saudek (Sanofi-Aventis)